Our CSR Strategy


Future Proof – Our CSR Strategy

Launched in 2010, the Future Proof vision is to:

Become a responsible business
Future Proof means doing the right thing in our day-to-day business. It creates a system of good governance, including effective monitoring and credible reporting, and raises awareness of CSR with our internal and external stakeholders.

Make a positive contribution
We have the scope and reach to make a positive impact on society using the power of advertising. We want to play an active role in strengthening our communities and in preserving the environment where we operate.

Innovate the way brands are built
Doing CSR work can help us deliver our corporate mission of innovating the way brands are built. It encourages internal collaboration, trust and innovation to help us reduce the impacts of our products and services in wider society too.

2015 Targets
We set 5 ambitious targets for ourselves until 2015 in each of the areas of focus:

Our Delivery Model

In order to achieve our vision and targets by 2015, we have developed the following delivery model to embed CSR into our business: