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Hindol Purkayastha: Dentsu Impact: Inputs on what worked this Diwali for brands, in their campaigns

03 Nov 2019

Stories of everyday heroism, hope against adversity and women's health help brands expand the digital footprint

What does it mean to miss a Diwali at home? Ask the one who drives an Uber, or a bus, or an air-hostess—all working the gruelling shifts their jobs demand and serving those on their way to a celebration at home, while missing their own. Such stories would once have been staple fare for a Bollywood potboiler, but are now churning the wheels of the digital marketing juggernaut that helps brands drive online conversations.

The story of unsung heroes working, while the rest light up their homes notched up 60 million impressions for Samsonite’s #DiwaliKaSafar. Similarly, ...