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Interview|Rubeena Singh:

30 Oct 2019

Rubeena Singh

As brands get ready to take on the next big digital trend - Voice, agencies are building on innovative solutions to help them stay ahead of the curve. iProspect for one has launched its own Voice Assist to demonstrate to clients how the medium can be applied to businesses.

exchange4media spoke to iProspect CEO Rubeena Singh on Voice as the next big digital trend, the iProspect Solutions Lab and more.

What was the reason behind the launch of iProspect Voice Assist?
We are launching iProspect Voice Assist as part of our Solutions Lab. Voice is growing big as a category and we asked how do we present a use case to clients? So we took a step back and said what should we do at iProspect with voice? What can we do for our business before we start solutions for our clients? So, clients need reports and we said why should they even need to sit in one place and go through those reports? Why can’t I just ask the iProspect Voice Assist to tell me what was my CTR yesterday? How many leads did I get? What was my conversion rate? How is my conversion rate this quarter compared to the last quarter? Those are conversational questions. And if I have to dig through lots of data, one, it is very hard even if I have a dashboard, to keep dragging and dropping, I need access to a laptop. Here, maybe I don't have access to a laptop, but I just need that information, that information is easily available. So, that's really what we're creating for clients and sending it out to them and we are very excited about it.

We think it's going to have a huge uptake with clients. And with this we'll be able to demonstrate a use case of voice for our business, which is the iProspect business. And at least start a conversation with clients on ideas on what they could do with Voice.

What steps can brands take to leverage Voice at this stage?
At iProspect our first step has been to demonstrate a use case. What you can start doing in voice right now, what we believe is, at least start getting content ready in voice, you can start building for SEO in voice right now. There are a lot of keywords, it’s conversational, the way voice searches is very different from a text search. Are you creating content which is talking back? Are you searchable in voice? Are you the first port of call which is there? Digital advertising has two parts, one is organic and one is the paid piece. The paid piece hasn't yet kicked in on voice. But organic, everybody knows, is a long-term journey and the more you build content, the better the chances for you to win and the harder for your competition to beat you. So, I think it's the right time to start building in there. Because the users are there. It's only a matter of time that platforms will come up with monetisation opportunities and then bands will be playing catch up.

iProspect launched Solutions Labs earlier this year, how has it helped the agency and your clients?
Digital marketing and technology go hand in hand. And you need technology to be able to provide innovative digital marketing solutions to clients. But what we were finding ourselves restricted by was the fact that we had some brilliant ideas, which we actually brainstormed along with our clients, but we didn't know how to bring them to life because of technology constraints - maybe on the clients’ side or our inability to be able to execute them. That's when we got a bunch of technology folks at iProspect.

Again, we didn't want to overwhelm clients by saying this is a new technology vertical because the idea really, the genesis of this whole solution labs was to find bespoke solutions, innovative solutions to clients problems, and what we could do in that area. And we've done a lot of work in the past six months in that area.

Basically, the two broad areas where we've done work is - digitizing our own business. At iProspect, we’ve done a lot of work there. What we're doing for clients is interesting work, for example, when it is a travel client or an e-comm client there are very long tailed query keywords which become very difficult to optimise by hand. Today consumers are very specific in their search, so how do you optimize that? We developed a bespoke solution which is called, iOptimize and deployed it on our clients - Kalki and Go Air - and we've got some fantastic results.

So, that’s one example on the client side. The other part which is interesting is we're trying to do something for iProspect itself, digitizing our business. What we created here was something called iAnalyse, so a lot of folks spend at least two hours every day just creating large cumbersome Excel sheets for clients, which is all data related and clients on the other hand find it very hard to read that data. We have automated it. Basically, clients advertise on various channels on digital, we pull in all that data, automate it and present in a nice dashboard. And it's available near to real time for clients. It’s more action oriented. So, if it’s real time you can make decisions real time you don't have to wait for the next day for the report to come to you. And for us as a business, there's a huge amount of time saved by people, we were estimating at least 40 hours a week that we've saved.

MarTech is another space iProspect has been working on. How important is it in today's digital landscape?
So what is MarTech really? It makes your marketing smarter. Digital is very dynamic, very complex, very fragmented. What MarTech allows you to do is to be able to organize your data, automate some of the things that you're doing, to build in efficiency into your marketing efforts. There are a lot of solutions available, which are in the market, and that's why it's so complex for any one thing, one part of your marketing piece which you may want to automate, I think there are at the bare minimum four or five solutions which are there, which is the best solution for you, what should you do? Should you go with the large platform, take the entire suite? I think there's several ways to do it. And that is what most clients struggle with.

What we at iProspect are trying to do is develop our skills across the large platforms. We have skills on Google and Adobe, we are getting our GCP certification, we are also getting a sales force certification to be able to do that. Apart from that, we are also able to build bespoke solutions for our clients using a lot of small solutions which are available. Sometimes clients don’t have the appetite to spend a lot and the entire stack. So can we pick up the most relevant solution that is available in the market, customize a little for the client and therefore give a solution that they're looking at to their marketing problem.