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WATConsult launches #ReconnectWithStarbucks!

16 Apr 2020

Anyone who has been to a Starbucks would be familiar with the ritual of the partners calling out a customer’s name to hand over the beverage, one of the most cherished experiences by customers. With the COVID-19 pandemic and stores being shut, we wanted to continue being deeply connected with customers and offer them their favourite experiences at Starbucks which are beyond just coffee.

To cheer people up while being locked inside their homes, Tata Starbucks devised an innovative social media campaign, #ReconnectWithStarbucks to keep its online audience engaged and connected.

 The campaign, which was launched earlier this month, was rolled out in two phases. The first leg asked followers and coffee enthusiasts to share their favourite past times that helped them to ‘reconnect’ during quarantine. Tata Starbucks also encouraged its fans to share their favourite Starbucks memories from the past and upload it on their personal Instagram handle, with the hashtag #ReconnectWithStarbucks.
The second leg of the campaign called ‘Cup Half-Full’ came as a surprise to most customers. Tata Starbucks asked its followers to comment with their favourite beverage and then delighted them by sending voice notes of partners hollering their customers’ names along with their favourite beverage; an experience cherished by every Starbucks customer! This initiative was also positively lauded by all Starbucks customers as a response.

Commenting on this innovative campaign, Deepa Krishnan, Head of Marketing, Digital, Loyalty and PR at Tata Starbucks, said, “Tata Starbucks has always been about connecting with its customers, partners and the communities we serve. Through #ReconnectWithStarbucks campaign we wanted to keep the cherished Starbucks ritual alive albeit virtually and wanted to spread cheer amongst our beloved customers and most importantly stay connected with them in these times.”