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How Mumbai Indians strengthened their social media community during #IPL2016


Social Media Case Study


Mumbai Indians



The 9th Edition of IPL started on April 9th and went on till 29th May. Social presence of the brand was elevated with terms of penetration of content across India. Mumbai Indians as a brand wanted to have a penetration across all their fans using technology as the medium.


They aimed to keep the fans engaged with every activity of the team, which included giving information about the team progress, sharing live updates on match days, live feeds on social platforms and the website.

With social and digital now a primary source of information and consumption, the brand needed to innovate in terms of domain presence and expertise. Indians wanted to serve the audience with the true taste of cricket with latest information about IPL 2016.


Execution on the brand was spread across 3 different verticals mainly bifurcated into Technology – Content – Social.

With an objective to provide the people with real time updates about the team’s whereabouts, speed was the key asset. Technology integration got a fresh application and website into the picture, which provided the users with real time score updates along with seamless content generation covering the entire season.

Social was used to propagate and promote the content that was digitally created getting the audience to interact and engage with the brand creating fan loyalty and acquisition.