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Swift Limited Edition to turn the world into a stadium


Maruti Suzuki Swift was always known for performance. Launched in 2005, it essentially created the hatchback segment, proving itself to become an icon. With now over 1.3 million owners, Swift celebrated its 10th Anniversary earlier this year. In this journey Swift has created some exciting limited editions such as the Swift RS, Windsong and many more. Their latest campaign celebrates another feather to the list – that of the Sporty looking Limited Edition – Swift Glory.

The film
Film shows cool stylish guys driving the Sporty looking Limited Edition while the rest of the world watches them drive by. Some watch as ‘spectators’, some like fans gawk at the car, some are the cheerleaders who add cheer to the world with an early morning hello, some are commentators because they make comments, some like the neighbor’s dog is a critic and barks as the Swift drives by, some like the rally that passes by are the ‘Sloganeers and Chanters, Ravers and Ranters’. Finally the guys park their vehicles and strut out of the cars as the voice over concludes ‘Then there are the players… The limited edition Swift Glory is for the Players’

The campaign is supported with a full-fledged 360 campaign with television, Cinema, radio, digital and activation.

“The idea draws a parallel between the world of sports and the real world. Just like in a sports world, there are players and there are spectators, fans, cheer leaders etc,, the film shows that the new Sporty looking limited edition of Swift creates a new distinction between those who are the players and those who are not. The sporty looking Limited edition from Swift is a great looking product. And we had a great fun creating this campaign”

Titus Upputuru, National Creative Director, Dentsu Creative Impact
If there ever was an iconic performance car in India, it was always the Swift. The new sporty looking limited edition thus presented us an opportunity to drive in that message and we are extremely happy with the results. The attempt was to bring in the sports connect in a way which gives the brand an attitude and badge value that consumers would be eager to own. I feel the swagger inherent in brand Swift was missing for a while and our effort has been to bring that back.

Amit Wadhwa, Branch Head , Dentsu Creative Impact
There is a player in each one of us and the new Swift Glory intends to bring that out. The new sporty looking limited edition takes inspiration from sports and racing. It comes with an exciting range of features such as body graphics, multimedia system and sporty interiors. We are positive that the limited edition would be as loved as the earlier versions. Brand Swift has constantly evolved over the past ten years to become one of India’s favorite cars. With over a million cars on road our challenge is to constantly keep the excitement up and engage with consumers in newer ways. The Swift Glory limited edition is exactly the kind of change we want to create, thereby keeping the thrill and love for the brand at a high.

Mr.R.S.Kalsi , Executive Director , Maruti Suzuki India Limited.
National Creative Director: Titus Upputuru
Senior Creative Directors: Auryndom Bose, Neharika Awal
Creative Team: Titus Upputuru, Neharika Awal, Auryndom Bose, Chinmoy Bhowmik, Nitin Gupta, Vandana Pant, Deepali Agarwal, Yathrath Sahu
Account Management: Hindol Purkayastha, Ashit Chakravarty, Nikhil Bhagi
Account Planning: Kartikeya Srivastava, Nilakshi Medhi, Sabitha Sudarshan
Films: Dawa Tsering Lama
Brand Manager: Rajesh Nagarajan
Director of the film: Shimit Amin
Director of Photography: Sejal Shah
Producer: Suhan
Music: Vinayak
Photography (print): Bikramjit Bose, Senthil Kumar
Production (print): Karma productions