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Omron Shows How We Can Parent our Parents


There are times in life when role reversals happen, especially in parenthood, when our parents become old and depend majorly on us for care and love. As children, we also become protective of our parents when they grow old, and that's a natural cycle of life.

Omron Healthcare has taken this cue from life and transformed it into a digital campaign, with an objective to encourage young people to gift an Omron BP monitor to their parents.

The film shows a daughter concerned about her mother in a small town and sending an Omron BP monitor because 'some things are good to know' In the letter that she sends along with the BP monitor, she announces that she has found a guy. She informs that she will bring him home during Diwali. The film takes a twist when we realize that the man she found was actually for her mother. When her mother asks her why she hadn't informed about it earlier, the daughter replies 'some things are good to know, some things are not'

Speaking about the idea, Buddhi Prakash Tiwari, Manager Product and Marketing, Omron Healthcare, says, "Parents seek/need attention in their older age the same way as we all wanted from our parents in our childhood. Parents not only give us what we need but also what we want, But in our busy, stressful life & long distance from parents / home we tend to forget these things. This is the fact/thought in our mind with which we had come up with this idea."

Youth is on the Internet. They are consuming brands on their laptops and cellphones. Most of them are living in the cities, while their parents are living alone in small towns. The approach was to motivate the youth to look after their parents by sending an Omron blood pressure monitor so that they can keep checking and know the state of their health everyday.

"Parents start behaving like children as they grow old. Their bodies become weaker. Mentally, they become more anxious. Children who are concerned about their parents tend to mother them. This is the insight that we worked with. A daughter and mother switch their roles and the daughter ends up becoming her amma and goes to the extent of looking for a groom for her widowed mother," states Titus Upputuru, National Creative Director, Dentsu Marcom.

"The film resonates nicely with the occasional sentiments of young men and women hailing from small town wherein the attempt always is to give back to their parents in whatever small way or the other for their happiness, health being the priority. It portrays well with the new age youth who want to make it big and successful in the big city but also give their 100 % emotional support to their parents back home," Rajib Sinha, Associate Vice President, Dentsu.

In the film, the daughter acts like a mother to her mother, who is very much concerned about her health and is also worried for her personal life and wants to ensure that someone is with her who can take care of her mother in her absence. So she sends a gift, an Omron BP monitor to ensure that she monitors her BP ( Health ) regularly and introduces a groom to her mother.

"Before it's too late we all should realize what our parents need, as well, as what they want. Because 'somethings are good to know'," opines Tiwari.