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The Reason Why Men Marry More Than 1 Woman In This Village Is As Shocking As It Is Heartbreaking


For people in the drought-stricken village of Denganmal, 150km from Mumbai two wells which are miles away from them is the only source of water. It is a gamble for most because the entire village depends merely on two wells.

The recurring problem of drought has forced men of the Dengamal village to to resort extreme measures. Polygamy is illegal in India, but, marrying just to fetch more water for the household has become a commonplace practice.

The water wife usually does not share a marital bed. When she grows old, men marry a second and most times a third to collect water in makeshift containers.

Last year the government estimated that more than 19,000 villages in Maharashtra had no access to safe drinking water.

This short film directed by Jaydeep Sarkar and written by Swati Bhattacharya for ActionAid India takes us through the lives of three women who are victims of this unjust practice. The movie exposes the struggle a of family suffering the consequences of acute water shortage.