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Maruti Suzuki brings out new awareness campaign

Maruti Suzuki, the largest car maker in India, has rolled out a new road safety awareness campaign.

Maruti Suzuki has brought out eight videos as part of this campaign which aims at changing the attitudes of people towards road safety and also at creating a positive impact overall.

The advertisement has been conceptualized by Dentsu Creative Impact and the pan-Indian campaign addresses major issues related to non-adherence to road safety regulations.

The core idea behind the campaign is If we know it’s wrong, why do we still do it? According to Maruti Suzuki personnel.

the company wishes that people are reminded of the advertisement film every time they break any traffic rule out of sheer apathy and ultimately have a change of heart.

This will make Indian roads safer according to the company.

The videos place more emphasis on situational examples as tools for bringing about greater awareness. The plots are structured in a manner that viewers can pause and think about their own road behavior.

The road safety awareness campaign will be rolled out by Maruti Suzuki soon and is expected to make a sizeable impact amongst Indian citizens.