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Snapdeal’s ‘Aamir Khan Ad’: Old Wine In A New Bottle?


Yes, it's finally out! eCommerce firm Snapdeal, which had recently created a huge news by signing up Aamir Khan as its brand ambassador, has recently launched a TV campaign featuring the superstar.

Titled 'Dil ki Deal', the campaign features an ad which is an extension of Snapdeal's philosophy of creating life-changing experiences for its buyers and sellers.

Created by Leo Burnett, the ad film features Aamir Khan, as an observer, an onlooker and also a consumer himself. He not only witnesses how wishes of people around him are being fulfilled through Snapdeal's varied product offerings, but also receives a Dil Ki Deal himself.

Online shopping is thought of as a transactional act. Through this new brand campaign 'Dil ki Deal', Snapdeal aims to highlight the fact that how with the wide range of products available on its platform, it is not only making people's lives simpler or better, but is also a medium that they can use to express their love for their dear ones.

Speaking about the campaign, Sandeep Komaravelly, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Snapdeal, said, "With our previous campaigns, we have established the USP of Snapdeal being a destination that offers the widest assortment of products at great value. Building on that tangible benefit, we feel Snapdeal today has evolved to take the next step in its communication journey and lay emphasis on the emotional fulfilment it enables for its consumers. Shopping for loved ones is a very emotional and fulfilling experience. Snapdeal's latest 'Dil ki deal' campaign showcases the same and rides on some such emotions of love, care, joy and fulfillment."

Deja vu?
The news value revolving around the entire campaign is superb. The selection of a brand ambassador is spot on and Snapdeal emerges as a clear winner in this. However, looking at the ad, one has a feeling of deja vu. Somewhere, the creative line of the story seems to have been singing the same old song one associates with an eCommerce brand.

Snapdeal itself had earlier taken a similar route of brand messaging where it had highlighted the mix of both services and deals - be it with their Yamdude campaign, or be it with their Diwali campaign featuring 40 TVCs.

The current spot also positions Snapdeal as a platform fulfils the deal, the deal of the consumer's heart. Snapdeal however, rebuts the charge saying that the campaign marks a shift from its earlier communication around the value a consumer derives by shopping on the platform. Keeping that tangible benefit alive, the brand is elevating this positioning to build an emotional connect with its customers and the 'Dil Ki Deal' campaign is the first step in the direction of bringing this proposition alive.

However, experts are not very thrilled with the creative outcome. According to Rajiv Dingra, Founder and CEO, WATConsult, a digital agency under the Dentsu Aegis Network, the TVC is neither the most effective nor the most engaging ad he has come across. "After the first five seconds it tends to become preachy and repetitive. They could have done something way more exciting with Aamir Khan given that Aamir is known for creative ads like Tata Sky and Godrej in recent past," he says.

Dingra further points out that the brand overdid the branded box visuals without weaving an emotional story. "Also screen time for Aamir is limited as well and Aamir in his new look too doesn't give a fresh or young appeal. It seems a failed attempt at leveraging a huge film star," he felt.

Snapdeal is however hopeful with the ad. Komaravelly said, "We truly believe in the power of emotions and are sure that with Aamir Khan as the face of the 'Dil ki deal' campaign will receive a warm uptake amongst consumers."

Since eCommerce is expected to lead the charge in 2015 in terms of ad spend growth, one can expect a huge number of spots from these players. In this case, will innovation in advertising become a tough ask for the category?

"Not at all," says Dingra, adding, "I believe Flipkart set the bar in innovative ads when it used kids as adults in its ads. It was a great use and cut the point across the buying online is simple and cost effective. It is what made Flipkart the brand it is today."