Brand News Takes a Fresh Approach to Online Matrimony in its New Ad Campaign

27/1/2016, a leading online matrimony portal and a part of Info Edge, has donned an all new brand positioning - 'Be Found' with its latest campaign. The brand, which positioned itself as 'We Match Better', has now made notable amendments into its marketing and advertising strategies.

Designed by JWT, the campaign is a series of videos where a young guy, who is waiting for his better-half, is asking the girls to log on to

The video opens with an after meeting conversation in an office setup where the boss tells the employee to bring his wife along for the office party. The employee then tells him that he is still single and looking for one. After that, the TVC progresses with the person explaining his journey of having met a lot of women but not the perfect one and urges you to logon and come on to the portal to be discovered or found by the one perfect for you.

Speaking on the purpose of 'Be Found', Sumeet Singh, Chief Marketing Officer, Info Edge (India), says, "The constant researches conducted with the people who use matrimony sites and people who are in this category but do not use matrimony sites indicated that the whole process of 'finding' the right person is also a little stressful. So, we decided to provide a positive space and letting people to be discovered by the right person."

Adding to this, Shujoy Dutta, Executive Planning Director, JWT, says, "With 'Be Found', we have a strategy that separates us from the rest of the online match-making portals. In India, logging onto a portal to find a prospective spouse is stressful and without romance. However, we've inverted that, by making logging-on the act that helps you connect with that Mr. or Ms. Right who is probably looking for you. From being a person who has to do the hard work of finding and screening, we've made the candidate feel special by being the one who is found."

Along with the campaign, the brand has revamped the web portal with 'Love is looking for you. Be Found.' written on the top. The digital campaign will be launched on the website and across media platforms.

Muddassar Memon, Creative Director at iProspect, likes the concept of the film. "Nowadays, most people are searching for an ideal partner but this is easier said than done as the entire process can take years. The target audience will be able to relate with the idea of attending the weddings of their friends while they look for their life partner. In this accord, the thought behind the ad is spot on, as it is relatable and gives people the easier option to 'Be Found' on Jeevansathi. However, the execution is a bit lacking as it creates confusion."

Following Dating Sites?
There's a huge difference between a dating site and a matrimony site. The dating sites are more casual and contemporary, whereas seriousness and untailored approach goes hand in hand on matrimony sites.

Few years back, when there were no dating sites and young boys and girls had less say in match making decisions, the whole story was different. However, today boys and girls are taking the lead and finding their perfect match themselves. So, to cater to that section, the brand has taken the initiative and introduced something that is more convenient.

Prathap Suthan, Chief Creative Officer, BangInTheMiddle, says, "They've taken up the contemporary way of helping people meet each other. It is definitely not the traditional way of match making. The language especially resembles with the dating sites. However, no other matrimony business has thought of it so far."

Explaining what makes Jeevansathi more reliable, Singh says that "Once you log on to the portal, the profile doesn't appear immediately. It gets verified by the documents one has uploaded along with the profile and a visit that our agents pay to them for verification."

Matrimony Business a Decade Back
"Back in 2004 matrimony business was getting established. People would not prefer matrimonial portals for match making back then; in fact, it was the last option for some. Now things have changed. There is an acceptance for online match making portals and parents themselves ask their children who are ready to get married to get registered on these sites," says Singh while narrating the changes that has happened in the sector.

To which, Memon adds, "Nowadays, users want everything on a platter and look for the easiest solution. Keeping this in mind, Jeevansathi allows users to be found rather than to search through an endless number of profiles. Thus, the site's offering is evolving with the user which will be beneficial from a marketing point of view."

While talking about the consumer insights, Singh points that males and females respond in an entirely different manner on matrimony portals. In case of female users, 60-65% of the profiles have been created by their parents or siblings and the contact details too are of someone in the family and not of the candidate. However, in the case of males it is just the opposite. 35-40% profiles have been created by the family members and remaining 60-65% have created their own profiles.

The campaign 'Be Found' is a bouquet of four short films and some of its stories are yet to come out. So, let's see what more the brand does to woo the consumers.