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Dentsu Webchutney launches #EveryoneOnFlipkart ad campaign


Flipkart’s latest series of films bring out human stories from different walks of life, generations, and cultures to highlight the simple ways in which Flipkart has become the common thread connecting the nation and its aspirations. Conceptualized by Dentsu Webchutney, this campaign aims to influence people who’ve been resisting shopping online. It seeds the fact that everyone you love, trusts Flipkart, so you should too.

The first film, Rastogiji On Flipkart, is the story of the ‘gyaani’ of every group guilt tripping his friend for cheating on their neighborhood shopkeeper Rastogiji, by shopping on Flipkart leading to an unexpected and heart touching twist in the end. The other three videos are equally real and are truly inspired by real life characters. From the story of your favorite “know-it-all” Mausi, to that friendly smart-alec watchman to the true-blue Mumbai cop, these films bring out the charm of what makes India, India.

Speaking about the campaign, Flipkart marketing VP Shoumyan Biswas says, “At Flipkart, as the market leader, we believe that driving market development and accelerating adoption across different consumer segments is one of our key focus areas. Born from that belief, #EveryoneOnFlipkart digital campaign brings to us a series of short films that have been inspired from different walks of life, generations and cultures. Using simple and yet powerful, everyday slice of life narratives, these films show how Flipkart has become the common thread connecting the nation and its aspirations. And how it has earned the trust of every Indian and become an integral part of our everyday lives. These films therefore are a tribute to every Flipkart shopper across the country, an invitation to everyone else to start their online shopping journey with usand a reflection of our commitment towards organizing and democratizing retail in India.”

The campaign, slated to run for a couple of weeks, will also have a series of contests to engage audiences. Dentsu Webchutney ACD PG Aditya says, “The idea was to create great content that ‘happens to be an ad.

The fact that Flipkart has been a brand led by human stories only made that easier. As an agency, we’re extremely proud of these films. And to think they were produced as a digital-first effort only furthers my belief that this unsaid ‘caste-system’ of platforms that’s there in advertising is rapidly breaking loose.”

What is truly unbelievable is that these films were shot in a stringent two-day schedule. Gajraj Rao, director, (Code Red Films) who is extremely choosy about the projects he takes on, says, “It takes time to tell a compelling story; the fact that I wasn’t restricted by a fixed duration was what excited me to take this up.”