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Dentsu Creative Impact creates digital campaign for Hitachi

MUMBAI: In a category that strives on differentiation and innovative features to draw eyeballs, brands need to constantly bring refreshed news. For Hitachi, the clear task was not only to get this critical attention but also establish clear leadership in the minds of the affluent, young digital savvy ‘netizens’.

The opportunity identified was the revolutionary ‘I Clean’ feature that cleans the filter of the air conditioner automatically. But the idea was not merely to tell a story of innovation and technology. Dentsu Creative Impact believed that the story needs to be re-told to the consumers who are already facing a barrage of features, choices and options every day.

And the disruption came in the form of not only the product and the message, but also the medium. In a category, where traditional media rules the roost, Dentsu Creative Impact and Hitachi took an unconventional approach. And the idea Hitachi #NothingDirty with Badshah was born. Just as the ‘I-Clean’ feature automatically cleans up the dirt, the ruling sensation of India also cleans up the lyrics for the ultimate summer party anthem.

The attempt is a powerful integration of the brand within the content. Delivering the message of ‘automatic cleaning’ by the king of rap Badshah himself, the song is cool, fun and upbeat. Watch how India’s coolest rapper turn something dirty into the coolest and cleanest song of the summer, just like how Hitachi’s iClean Plus technology cleans the AC’s filter automatically.